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Veterinarian greeting dog in vet's surgery

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Pet Care Plan: Welcome
Pet Care Plan: Services

Welcome to The Mount Veterinary Practice – Pet Care Plan

Dalmatian dog and Norwegian forest cat

Cats and dogs - Pet care plan

  • All vaccinations

  • Flea and worm treatments now delivered to your home

  • 6 Monthly health checks (includes urine & faecal sample)

  • Microchipping

  • Unlimited Nail Clipping

  • 10% off all other treatments and products

  • Cat  £16.50 

  • Small dog (under 10 kg)  £18.50

  • Medium dog (10-25 kg)  £19.50

  • Large dog (25-40 kg) £22.00

  • Giant dog (over 40 kg) £27.00

*£45 signing up fee for new puppies starting vaccinations
*£25 admin signing up fee for cats and older dogs

*This is a minimum 12 month contract

A white rabbit is vaccinated by a veterinarian

Rabbits - Pet care plan, just £9.00 per month

  • Vaccinations

  • Worming treatments

  • 6 Monthly health checks

  • Nail clipping

Dog Therapy

Platinum Plan - £7 extra per month (on top of standard plan)

  • Free Consultations Included
  • 10% discount on surgeries and medications
  • Anal Glands Expressing

For regular check-ups or even for discussing any concerns about your pet’s health, call us now

Pet Care Plan: Text
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